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Small to large scale commercial real property development; multi-million dollar valuations; the representation of tenants to architects and every type of client in between — these are among the hallmarks of the real estate practice at the Law Offices of Roger K. Spencer, P.L.L.C. In Mr. Spencer, you have a lawyer with over three decades of experience handling commercial real estate transactions. The Phoenix-based law firm’s approach is singular and consistent: a commitment to excellent legal representation and client satisfaction.

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The Hub-and-Spoke Idea of Commercial Real Property Development

When Attorney Roger K. Spencer undertakes the representation of a developer in a commercial property development he visualizes the developer at the hub of a wheel, and the spokes reach to each of the other parties, including the property seller, partners, brokers, lender, surveyor, engineer, architect, title company, property manager, contractor, tenants and governmental entities. With that idea in mind, the Law Offices of Roger K. Spencer, P.L.L.C., will work to accomplish the following:

  • Negotiate listing agreements.

  • Negotiate purchase and sale contracts.

  • Negotiate terms of acquisition and development loans.

  • Negotiate loan sales and purchases, loan modifications, loan renewals, loan workouts, loan restructures, short sales and deed-in-lieu transactions.

  • Negotiate with tenants.

  • Negotiate among the stakeholders in proposed or established partnerships.

  • Consult with environmental experts and obtain reports prior to purchase.

  • Consult with surveyors for due diligence.

  • Handle any issue regarding the acquisition, improvement, construction, maintenance, management, financing or sale of property.

When Attorney Roger K. Spencer represents another participant in a real estate transaction or project, the same visualization process applies.

The kind of legal work ultimately performed will depend on the client’s goals. From the acquisition of property through direct or delayed tax-free 1031 exchanges to structuring tenancy-in-common or corporate arrangements, Roger K. Spencer has the skill and experience to move your project forward with confidence. Call his office in Phoenix, Arizona, today, or contact the firm online.