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Client Recommendations

The Highest Standard of Ethical Legal Practice

I have been professionally acquainted with Roger Spencer for close to 3 decades. He has the highest standard of ethical legal practice, as well as a tremendous amount of real estate law experience! Mr. Spencer’s experience in virtually all areas of transactional real estate and his ability to successfully advocate for his clients in a non-confrontational style, makes him a great choice for anyone seeking Legal Counsel on real estate matters.

- Victor Rzepecki

President, Land Title Association of Arizona

Highly Recommend

I would highly recommend Roger Spencer for any of your commercial real estate needs. He was very helpful to me last year and I definitely will be working with him in the future on upcoming projects.

- Rick Freeman

Operates with Integrity

I’ve had the experience of working with Roger Spencer when I opened my second fitness studio. Roger was always professional and was able to help negotiate all of the important items for my new business. He is well respected in the community and operates with integrity. I will most definitely be calling Roger for my future business projects.

- Bobbe A.

Scottsdale, AZ

Delightful to Work With

I employed Roger Spencer to represent my family in the sale of two hotels in Sedona, Arizona, and to fashion the subsequent carryback loan He was excellent in making sure we are protected from any possible detrimental circumstances, including default. He is incredibly thorough and negotiated with the buyer’s attorney to make the deal happen flawlessly. He has an easy manner, but make no mistake, he is tough if the circumstance requires it. That resulted in a bulletproof contract which ensured visibility of our assets by including quarterly visits to the property if needed, and monthly financial reports from the buyers as long as the loan continues to give us a “heads up” in case of potential default. He’s highly intelligent and personable, never talking down to his client and making sure we understood every detail of the contract. This was a fairly complicated situation, but he made it easy to follow and we are forever appreciative of his efforts in our behalf. I highly recommend him. I would not hesitate to employ him again and in fact, found him delightful to work with, as he has a droll sense of humor as well. He was worth every penny we spent and more!

- Amy Bertorelli

Former President of Kings Ransom Hotel and Kings Ransom Inn

Highly Experienced Attorney

Highly experienced attorney with absolute successful results, Mr Spencer is a great attorney, listens, advices accordingly and answers us 24/7. We are fortunate we are working with him. We recommend him to anyone who has a need for a compassionate attorney.

- Tony J.

Scottsdale, AZ